Canine Instinct Film Review


By Dr. Robert Forto

Canine Instinct is a documentary film about dog trainer Kyle Warren. Set in the picturesque setting of northern New York the film takes the viewer on a journey of Warren’s life, not only as a dog trainer, but as a search and rescue handler, savvy business owner and dedicated family man told through the eyes of award winning director Nicolas Goodman.

The film’s beginning starts with Warren breaking up a dramatic fight over a ball of three dogs at an in-home session. “If you want to discourage the problem, you must encourage it” says Warren. You can see the shock and awe on the dog owner’s faces and by the end of the scene the lady proclaims, “I love you!”

This gives you the indication of what the film is about; a young man of tremendous drive and whose life is built around the dogs he works with and the people he helps. As a dog trainer myself, who has worked in the industry for the better part of 19 years, I can say that Mr. Warren knows his stuff. His no-nonsense approach is something that I recognize in myself and his uncanny and deliberate way of working with these dogs is second to none!

Canine Instinct is directed by Nicolas Goodman and he does a fantastic job in telling the story of Warren. The film flows nicely from scene to scene chronicling the message that Warren is trying to instill: Common sense and consistency and the ways that we can utilize it in every day life.

Canine Instinct is a must see film for anyone that has an interest in canine behavior or to gain insight of the survival instinct of a man that truly lives a life with dogs.


Dr. Robert Forto is the host of the Dog Doctor Radio Show and the owner of Denver Dog Works. Dr. Forto can be reached through his website at

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