Behind the Breed: Bloodhound

November 27, 2010

In this series we will profile breeds registered with the American Kennel Club to give dog owners some ideas of what to expect of their dog. At Denver Dog Works we work with a network of breeders and with 20 years experience and training thousands of dogs we can help the new dog owner choose a breed that is right for you, your family and lifestyle.

Behind the Breed: Bloodhound


Trainers Note: The bloodhound is a great breed of dog. Many of you have seen these dogs in action on the movies doing search and rescue and scent work to track down missing people. The bloodhound is highly intelligent and requires a great deal of training to work in a search and rescue capacity.

Described as a “unique looking dog in a baggy suit,” the Bloodhound is one of the oldest breeds of dogs that hunt by scent. Although affectionate, they can posses shy natures, sensitive to kindness or correction by their master. Colors of the Bloodhound include black and tan, liver and tan, and red, sometimes flecked with white. The actual term “Bloodhound” refers not to what the Bloodhound trails but instead refers to its status as the “blooded hound,” meaning aristocratic, since such great lengths were taken early on to keep the strain clean.

A Look Back

The Bloodhound made its appearance in Europe long before the Crusades, when the first specimens were brought from Constantinople in two strains, black and white. Established in America for over a century, it proved early on to be a tireless worker for law enforcement, being so accurate that evidence trailed by a Bloodhound has been accepted in a court of law.

Right Breed for You?
While Bloodhounds are extremely affectionate, they are take-charge dogs, so it is important to be kind, but be the undisputed boss in your household. Bloodhounds should be groomed weekly to eliminate dead hair and facilitate a routine that will help them look, feel, and smell better.

Learn more about purchasing a Bloodhound puppy.

  • Hound Group; AKC recognized in 1885.
  • Ranging in size from 23 to 27 inches tall at the shoulder.
  • Scent tracker.

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Canine Instinct on The Dog Doctor Radio Show

July 11, 2010

Canine Instinct on the Dog Doctor Radio Show

On the latest edition of the Dog Doctor Radio Show we were pleased to interview a couple of very special guests; dog trainer, Kyle Warren and the producer of the just released film, Canine Instinct, Nicholas Goodman. While the show was intended as a review of the film it ended up becoming a very enlightening conversation about dog training, life and just talking dogs.

Listen to the show: Canine Instinct on the Dog Doctor Radio Show

Canine Instinct is a film that features Warren and is product of three years in the life of one of the most down to earth, most personable dog trainers I have ever met.

Read the film review here: Canine Instinct

The film is not your typical how-to flick to show dog owners how to teach your dog sit. Canine Instinct is about a man and how lives are changed by the canines he works with.  Warren is also an avid search and rescue handler/trainer and has worked extensively on searches using his two dogs, Mya and Quax.

Purchase the film here: Canine Instinct

In the film, Goodman captured the essence of Warren and portrayed him as the man whose life principles, lessons, goals and values are intertwined in his work with dogs in up-state New York.

The just released film has won several awards already and is primed to make a huge impact in the very specialized world of canine training. It is a must see for any one interested in canine behavior or dog training or just an inspirational story of a man and his dogs.

If you would like to find out more about Warren’s work with dogs please visit his website at Kyle Warren Dogs. Warren has also written a book about his work with canines and you can find out more information here: Stay. Come. Heel. Every Time

If you have a comment or question for Kyle Warren, producer Nicholas Goodman, or a question for our hosts please email at

The Dog Doctor Radio Show can be heard every Saturday morning at 9:30 am MDT or anytime by download at Blogtalkradio or on iTunes, just search ‘Dog Works Radio’ If you know someone who would like to be a guest on the show please let us know.

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