New group classes coming soon to Denver Dog Works

At Denver Dog Works we pride ourselves on coming up with new and innovative ways to offer training for your dog. We have been in the Denver area for more than four years now and we have always had a great group of clients that continue to come to our training center over and over again.

But in today’s day and age of T.V. trainers and well over 200 companies and individuals offering some form of dog training in Denver, we decided to go back to our roots.

When we opened our training school in January of 2006 we had a group class almost every night of the week. This was great for pet owners to have a place to come to train their dogs in a group setting with small class sizes, a variable curriculum, and trainers that have tons of experience training just about every breed of dog.

So in the coming weeks we are exploring the possibilty of bringing nightly group classes back to Denver Dog Works.

We ask you, pet owners of Denver, is this something that may interst you?

Please take our poll

If you have questions about our group classes or any other program offered at Denver Dog Works please give us a call at 303-578-9881 or visit our website.

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