Check out Denver Dog Works!

Denver Dog Works front entrance. We are in a small strip mall in the back next to a veterinarian and a small doggie day care. We are minutes from I-25 and I-225 conveniently located on Parker Road. We are just a short drive from D.I.A. as well as the west and north metro areas.

Spacious training area. The floor is professional grade rubber flooring often found in gyms and health clubs. We can hold group classes of up to 15 dogs in this area. In the summer we often hold our group classes outside.

We can teach competition obedience and other sports with your dog in a spacious training area.

Our evaluation area. We evaluate every dog before signing up for our training programs. We do this because we believe that every dog and owner is a team and that each has individual training goals. We do not do any cookie-cutter training at Denver Dog Works.

Our back counter. Denver Dog Works also offers day training. To the right is our class room for award winning lectures and seminars for upcoming canine trainers and the public for classes such as canine first aid and C.P.R., service dog education and more. Also our Denver studio for Dog Works Radio!

Please Note: The phone number on the door has CHANGED. We are now using an Internet-based phone system that allows us to communicate with our clients 24 hours a day (if neccessary only, please). Our phone number is 303-578-9881. When the number is called it is dispatched to all of our trainer’s cell phones. You have the option of leaving a voice mail and/or a text and we will get it immediately via email on our iPhones. Please understand that all of us are very busy training dogs most of the day. The best time to reach us is early in the morning or late in the evening.

At Denver Dog Works we have the best and train the rest! We are not your average dog training school. With over a combined 35 years experience training dogs in all disciplines we can offer you a training package that suits your needs. We are on the cutting edge of canine training and take great pride in remaining up-to-date on all the newest principles based on canine learning not just the fad of the day. We are not the lowest priced trainers in town. We are experts and we stand behind what we do.

If you want one of the best trained dogs in the world, give us a call– 303-578-9881.


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