Dog Works Training Centers: Camp Works Dog: Milo

Camp Works Dog: MILO

Client’s Name: Amy and Tim E.

Dogs Name: “MILO”

City: Windsor, CO

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Likes: people watching

Pet-Peeves: being told what to do

Favorite Toy: ball

Favorite Treat: puperoni

Favorite Walk: Loves going to the people park and watching the kids play

Best Trick: Camp Counselor “Qyain” says even though I’m an old dog its not too late for me to learn a few tricks.

Arrival Story: I came to Denver Dog Works to learn how to be obedient, not jump and walk nicely on my leash.  I recently lost my loved one and moved in with her niece.  It’s been a difficult transition for me and they thought coming to Denver Dog Works would be good for me.  So far, I’m having lots of fun teaching the puppies and I’m getting used to walking nicely on leash and listening to commands.

Bio: I am 8 years old.  I was “loved” by my mom very much and was placed on a pedestal and could basically do as I pleased.  It was a dog’s life for sure.  In my new home, there’s more people and other pets so I must follow different rules.  Michele, my trainer, is making sure I’m having a good time and learning the basics.

Motto: “I Shot The Sheriff”

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Michele Forto | Team Ineka | Alaska Dog Works | Mushing Radio | Dog Works Radio | Denver Dog Works | Daily Post


Michele Forto is the lead trainer for Denver Dog Works and Alaska Dog Works and the host of the popular radio shows, Mush! You HuskiesandDog Works Radio Show


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