What is Camp Works?

At Dog Works Training Centers, you can sign your dog up for camp.  Sounds fun doesn’t it?!  Well it’s a bit of work and a lot of fun for your dog.  What better way for your dog to spend a few weeks during the summer while you’re away on vacation.

What exactly is Camp Works:

In the Camp Works Program, your dog will learn to sit, down, heel, and come on command. These obedience commands set the foundation for the components of our program: physical conditioning, confidence building, and off-site training.

Our Camp Works participants have every opportunity to run and grow. We create an environment based on values and proper manners and reinforce inherent strengths. During all of our Camp Works programs, participants are taken on weekly field trips to public and private training sites where they participate in obedience, socialization, and in drills that simulate real life conditions. Your dog will learn how to meet and greet people of all ages and diversity and follow commands even with the potential for distractions.

 What to Expect During a Camp Works: 

Manners: Meet and greet people of all ages without jumping, lunging, barking, or whining for attention. Also as a part of learning manners your dog will learn to wait at thresholds until given a release command to follow.

Confidence Building: Dogs learn to work through various conditions that build confidence. Physical touch, games, loading/unloading from vehicles, up and down stairs. Dogs learn to be environmentally stable, to deal with adversity and are exposed to the public in a positive fear-free way.

Field Trips: Field trips for puppies are essential in properly socializing them. Field trips are designed at Denver Dog Works to properly introduce your dog to environments, places, people, and other dogs in positive controlled situations. Dogs will travel away from Denver Dog Works to train in other public and private training areas.

Physical Conditioning: Daily cardio and strength training. Camp Works dogs are taken on several walks daily, given opportunities to free-run, in certain cases taught to jump short jumps and other agility maneuvers and learn to work on and off leash.

Behavior Modification: Custom tailored drills designed to modify a dog’s aggressive or unwanted behavior (separation anxiety, barking, etc.) This is where each dog learns manners and respect training.  No jumping, sitting politely for petting, learning to be invited up on furniture or our laps(for small dogs) etc.

Obedience Imprinting: Practical and necessary obedience commands for daily living. Each dog learns up to 18 obedience commands with stays being a major focus as well as distractions.

Sounds great, but what happens when I come back, will my dog remember me?  Will he listen to me? When your dog is returned to you, you undergo a thorough send home where we showcase what your dog has learned, what he is still working on(depending on age), and show you how to administer commands to your dog.  You will then return for two private follow ups and continue to master your handling skills through our lifetime group class that is part of your program.

How do I sign up?

Visit our website at www.denverdogworks.com and click on the evaluation link or simply call me at 303-578-9881


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