RoboCop K-9

Have you heard the news!  You can equip your dog with high tech gadgetry. Your dog can be outfitted for gear like an infrared headlamp for night vision, an ear radio (Bluetooth) so you can communicate commands to him remotely, protective armor for shrapnel and the best gadget yet, titanium teeth.

This is a misconception! There have been lots of rumors started lately by the media reporting that the military and police k-9’s are being outfitted with Titanium teeth.  My research found this to be untrue.  That being said, this picture has surfaced since the recent news of Bin Laden’s death.

The Belgian Malinois in the photo above appears to have Titanium canines – these apparently cost $2000 per tooth.  Now I know several people who will do anything for their dogs – but this is extreme.

[Read More: Mystery Dog at bin Laden Compound Creates Buzz]

The media reports that these teeth can pierce armor and cause horrific damage.  Well I can speak from experience and a dog with his original canines can inflict some horrific damage as well.  A few years ago while working with a police dog I was attacked and suffered several bites, bruises, and 4 broken ribs.


Michele Forto is the lead trainer at Denver Dog Works and the co-host of the popular Dog Works Radio Show


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