Dog Works Training Centers-Camp Works Dog: Red [UPDATE]

Client’s Name: Naomi S.

Camp Works Dog: "RED"

Dogs Name: “Red”

City: Vail, CO

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix

Likes: hanging out with my human friends, just kicking back, looking out the window

Pet-Peeves: being told what to do; annoying little dogs and some egotistical big dogs

Favorite Toy: stuffed racoon

Favorite Treat: Puperoni and basted bone

Favorite Walk: people parks – I like “people watching”

Best Trick:

Arrival Story: I came to Camp to adjust my bad habits.  My mom signed me up for Camp Works 3 which is 12 weeks long so I can learn how to be a better behaved dog.

Bio: I’m 6 years old and I’ve gotten away with lots of bad habits for too long.  I am at Camp learning manners, basic and advanced obedience, socialization and how to be better behaved around other dogs.

Motto: “Bad to the Bone”

Departure Story: Red was so excited to see his mom.  He showed off his skills and Camp Director Michele and Trainer Kyle made sure his owners know how to manage his aggression and utilize his obedience foundation.  Red is a great dog who has been allowed to misbehave and became territorial.  He needs a handler who can remain calm and assertive and who will understand the difference between fear responses and full on aggression.  Red will be participating in follow up classes teaching his owners how to handle him better.


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