Dog Works Training Centers: Manic Monday!


It’s just another MANIC Monday!

  • Early start; a brisk morning walk around to the park 3 blocks away – then a training session for 20 minutes each
  • Monday is massage day; each of the camp dog’s is brushed, cradled, and rubbed down during down stays
  • Mid-day I meet with a private client; Chilpa a German Shepherd who doesn’t always like other dogs – TODAY Chilpa and Camp Counselor Qyain worked out together at a park close to her house.
  • Afternoon paces work on introducing new commands for the week and practice the ones we already know
  • Meet with Service Dog Arthur today at Aurora Town Center to work on Public Access Training
  • Send Home Camp Dog ROCKY today
  • Late evening I meet with a few more private clients; Bumper is on week 4
  • Scout has his final class this week – then hoping to see him follow up in group classes where he really needs the practice.

TIP/TRICK: Attitude is Everything – The way you feel affects your dog and how he will respond to your training.  Keep this in mind when you are frustrated or tired.  Always end training on a good note.

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