So you want to be a dog trainer? Teaching an advanced class

Teaching an Advanced Class

Only after you have titled a dog of your own in at least the Companion Dog level of obedience, should you consider teaching an advanced obedience class. Even if you have observed American Kennel Club competitions, you can not be a credible instructor if you have not accomplished it yourself. You must be well versed in many rules and regulations governing these events so that you can give your clients correct instruction.

If you are interested in training beyond basic obedience, such as conformation, agility, freestyle, flyball, herding and so on, it is of utmost importance that you have hands-on experience participating in the chosen area. Although all of these can and should be fun, the instructor absolutely must know what he or she is doing.  Attending a few classes held elsewhere, while helpful, just is not sufficient experience. If you want to include a class in a specialty you’re not qualified to teach, hire a qualified instructor to teach a particular class.


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