Is your puppy bored?

Michele Forto

Believe it or not your puppy can get bored!  How can that be?  My puppy has baskets full of toys in the house and outside.  I take my puppy on two walks a day and spend time with him in the evening.

When I’m asked to come to a client’s home to help them when their puppy has been chewing the furniture or is urinating from excitement or isn’t able to quiet down the first thing I observe is that there are too many choices.

Too many choices = boredom

I recommend just five toys and activities.  I have found that this keeps the puppy interested and keeps the family interested.  With all of the choices out there in the big box stores its no wonder we buy too much for our puppy.  We are sucked into the marketing skeem and the guilt ridden commercials with the cute and cuddlies with big brown eyes.  Truth be known, puppies will seek out items that feel good, taste good and make their teeth feel better.  They like chewing on the table legs and door jams because wood, although hard is also chewy and soft in a dog’s mouth offering just enough give when they sink their teeth in.  Puppies seek out shoes, socks, and other unmentionables because truth be known, they smell like us.

[ Rewind: Puppy Wish List ]

The following are the toys I recommend for medium to large breed dogs – remember a puppy will only entertain himself for so long.

  1. Tennis ball or rubber ball of like size
  2. Soccer ball – size 3 slightly deflated (outside)
  3. Stuffable treat toys like KONG
  4. Frisbee made from material, hard plastic can hurt their mouths
  5. Dog safe stuffed toy with rope

I also recommend that you incorporate obedience training into your games with your puppy.  This challenges them and makes the playtime more interactive.


Michele Forto is the Denver Dog Training Examiner, the lead trainer at Denver Dog Works and the co-host of the Dog Works Radio Show.


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