Respect Training

Michele Forto is the lead trainer at Denver Dog Works

Have you heard the buzz surrounding a new training concept called “Respect Training”?  No!  Well let me explain what Respect Training is; respect training has little to do with obedience and more to do with teaching your dog what you expect from him/her and to teach him what to expect from you in return.

At Dog Works Training Centers, (Denver) & (Alaska); we teach people first and foremost how to interact and coexist with their new pet, whether they are eight weeks old or just adopted from the local shelter and who knows their age.  We do this by introducing a loose leash and a flat collar and having the owner tether the dog to themselves keeping the dog within 6 feet or less of them at all times.  The greatest benefit of this maneuver is that the dog learns that you enjoy his/her company.  You are able to keep an eye on him/her and praise immediately for doing something you like and being able to place him/her into an immediate sit if you catch him/her doing something you don’t like.  It’s not about saying “No”; rather it’s about saying “Yes, I like that!”

Another element of respect training is teaching the dog boundaries.  Without restricting them to smaller areas of the house by keeping them with you at all times they learn what you expect from them in each room of the house.  While you walk around the house whenever you stop, the dog should stop and sit and wait patiently for what’s next, this gives you the opportunity to praise your dog.

Respect training also teaches the dog how to properly greet visitors at the door by following the owner to the door and the owner then places the dog on a sit/stay while opening the door, shut the door immediately if the dog doesn’t remain in sit and repeat the process.  Have the visitor greet you and ignore the dog until they are all the way inside your home and then the visitor can interact with your dog if they choose too.

A well behaved dog indoors is a pleasure to be around and your visitors will enjoy spending time with you and your dog more often.

If you’d like more information on Respect Training you can contact me at Denver Dog Works at 303-578-9881 or you can contact Robert at Alaska Dog Works at 907-495-9109 or at or


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