Culture of Denver Dog Works: Service availability and belief

Robert Forto

This is the fourth installment in a series on the Culture of Denver Dog Works. I am only only doing this to give our readers an idea of what we are about at Denver Dog Works but also as an exercise for us here at the training center to make sure we are all on the same page and delivering exceptional customer service and training a client’s dog to be one of the best trained dogs in the world.

The 10 Elements of Culture as defined by Denver Dog Works are:





Service Availability and Belief


Self Development

A Event Culture

Structured Activity



Service Availability and Belief at Denver Dog Works and our Culture:

Along with a strong belief in your own inner voice, you also need laser-like focus combined with unwavering determination. — Larry Flynt

Yes, I know who Larry Flynt is. That is not up for debate. What I interpret from his quote is that in business you have to belief in yourself in business and if you second guess you will not accomplish your goals.

A lot can be said about the way one business approaches it’s day to day operation over another but you know what? That is what separates the businesses that will succeed and those that will fail.

Service Availability

At Denver Dog Works we designed our business on 40 years of collaborated dog training experience. We pride ourselves on our ability to build you a customized training package with the ability to adjust the program as needed if necessary. Learn how to train your dog with Denver Dog Works and experience the best pet relationship you could ever imagine.  At Denver Dog Works you won’t feel like your walking through a revolving door. You will feel like your taking your dog to the gym! Our trainers will keep you motivated and wanting to come back. Training is for life! For you and your dog.

Core Beliefs

At Denver Dog Works we truly are a mom and pop business. My wife, Michele, and I work every day to make our business a success and something that we can be proud of. We include our family in our business and if you have stopped in on a Saturday you will see our 12-year old daughter Nicole working right along with us. This is important to us and is what we believe in.

I say that at Denver Dog Works we don’t just train dogs, we change lives. In our work with our service dog training program and our constant reminder of the need for a quick and educated response to canine aggression, we strive to make that our business model. As we have covered in previous articles about our culture; our core beliefs are important to us and they should be important to you.

1.) Integrity: At Denver Dog Works we strive to provide each client with the most up to date thorough training available. We design your training program to fit your needs.

2.) Professionalism: At Denver Dog Works we believe that each client is an individual with individual needs for their dog and their lifestyle. There is no cookie cutter packaging available at Denver Dog Works. Our professional staff takes the time to listen to your goals and concerns during our initial evaluation.

3.) Education: At Denver Dog Works all trainers are certified in canine behavior. All staff members are certified in canine CPR and first aid. We have the best and train the rest! We pride ourselves on continuing our educations and experiences by learning new methods as well as updating old methods. We can teach you how to train your dog for any goal. We specialize in sport training and understand the various methods and tools utilized in sport training.

4.) Quality: At Denver Dog Works we believe in the quality of our training rather than the quantity. There are times when an hour long session isn’t going to be enough. In those cases we schedule longer class times to adjust the needs of our clients. We also will address minor behavior issues if they arise in our private lessons and our camp works programs. If it is determined that a larger behavior problem exists we refer you to our canine behaviorist.

Denver Dog Works cares about you and your dog. Our attention to service and customer care gives us the opportunity to expand our availability to you.

I encourage any feedback you may have and of course share the culture of your business as well. I can be reached anytime by email at

Next Week: Character


Dr. Robert Forto is the training director of Dog Works Training Centers and the host of a weekly radio program, The Dog Doctor Radio Show which can be heard every Saturday at 9:30 am in the Rocky Mountain West or download it anytime. Dr. Forto can be reached through his website at


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