The Adventures of Alaric-Part 9

Adventures of Alaric 9

Alaric’s path has changed. Alaric is no longer needed by his handler and has been returned to Denver Dog Works after just 4 short months of working virtually part-time.

Alaric has a few issues; he has a fear of other dogs and he gets very excited to receive attention from people.  His fear of other dogs is being worked on under the advisement of Dr. Robert Forto, Ph.D. and he is being taught techniques for more acceptable greeting practices.

Alaric is a wonderful dog who understands his job and performs it quite well.  He is energetic and carefree and will encourage his owners to get out and play often.

Alaric has interviewed with another lady with depression and he came on a bit strong at first but calmed down and warmed up to her quickly.  We went on a walk and Alaric showed interest in her and made sure she was okay by checking on her and he noticed people around us and pricked his ears up and watched two individuals closely – this is part of his training – check out the surroundings and make sure his handler feels safe.

It will take several training sessions with this handler to develop into a solid team.  You see Alaric has all of the necessary training he just needs a handler prepared to understand him and love him so that he can show what he can do.

Alaric will never be a working dog who enjoys playing at the dog park, it’s not his style.  He will be cautious and protective over his handler and will choose to be with one person over a group any day.  Let’s all remember that Alaric is a German Shepherd and this breed is highly excitable and highly protective by instinct, and loyal to their owners.  He will perform his job well with understanding by his owner of his personality and breed disposition.


Michele Forto is the Denver Dog Training Examiner, the owner of Denver Dog Works and the co-host of the Dog Doctor Radio Show.

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