Fido, Get in Shape!

Fido, Get in Shape!

Every autumn Denver Dog Works offers a wonderful training class.  It’s a spinoff of their regular full eight week obedience lessons with group class downsized for busy families and the budget minded.

Fido needs to go back to school along with the kids why not give Denver Dog Works a try and enroll him in a four week course to get Fido back on track from a relaxing summer vacation.

Here’s how it works; give Michele a call and explain two or three things that you’d like to work on with Fido and she will pair you with an appropriate trainer to address your requests and to match your scheduling needs.  You will be given four classes and once finished you will receive a recommendation for further classes or be given the opportunity to take an obedience test. Classes are available every weeknight at the training center which boasts an 800-square foot rubber training floor making training comfortable for both you and Fido after a long day at work.

An example request; Fido pulls on the leash and lunges when we approach people and people with dogs, can you help?  Of course, we can help your training will include outdoor leash work with controlled situations with other dogs and people.

Remember these classes are designed to deal with a couple of your specific complaints, it’s not a full obedience course, but if you are interested in a full obedience course Michele can make that happen for you as well.

Fido Get In Shape!  classes are cost affective!  You will meet for one hour for four weeks consecutively for just $175.00.  You are getting specialized training to address manners, obedience, and/or mild behavior modification.  Contact Michele today – space is limited and reserve your spot.  Fido Get In Shape! registration goes from September 1 – November 15, 2010. Michele can be reached at 303-578-9881 or via email and as always you can visit her website at


Michele Forto is the Denver Dog Training Examiner, the owner of Denver Dog Works and the co-host of the popular Dog Doctor Radio Show

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