Culture of Denver Dog Works: Professionalism

Culture of Denver Dog Works: Professionalism

By Robert Forto, PhD

A couple weeks ago I introduced a series of articles that I am going to post each week about the culture of Denver Dog Works. I am only only doing this to give our readers an idea of what we are about at Denver Dog Works but also as an exercise for us here at the training center to make sure we are all on the same page and delivering exceptional customer service and training a client’s dog to be one of the best trained dogs in the world.

The 10 Elements of Culture as defined by Denver Dog Works are:




Service Availability and Belief


Self Development

A Event Culture

Structured Activity



Professionalism at Denver Dog Works and our Culture

We’re Professional. At Denver Dog Works we take pride in training you and your dog.  It is important to us that every client and every dog receive the best training.  Our motto is “We have the best and train the rest” this means that we expect each of our instructors to present themselves in the best way possible and to provide the best training possible.  We listen to your goals and to your concerns and then we design a training package specifically for you and your dog.  There is no cookie-cutter dog training going on at Denver Dog Works. Group class is not for everyone therefore we do not offer a signup sheet for our group class.  Private lessons done in-home also may not work for you that is why we have our state of the art training center with over 700 square feet of training space on a ¾” rubber mat.

With over 200 dog trainers to choose from in the Denver area we believe our professionalism separates us from the pack.  Our instructors are attentive to your needs as they change throughout your training.  The most important aspect regarding dog training is not in training the dog but training you what your dog’s potential may be and then harnessing that potential and creating a harmonious relationship between you and your dog.

We have knowledgeable, skilled and friendly instructors. Our large training center provides you with a large area to work with your dog no matter what class you are taking. At Denver Dog Works we offer a variety of classes to help you and your dog reach your greatest potential.  We specialize in sport training but do not let this stop you if you have a puppy.  Building you a proper training regimen when your dog is a puppy is vital to his training and ability to perform at the level you expect once he is old enough to perform.  Whether your goal is in competition obedience or working as a service dog developing a proper training foundation helps you obtain your goals faster and easier. Let our professional certified canine instructors design a training package for you and your puppy and let’s build a relationship together.  Training is not just about getting your dog to learn how to do a few basic commands in a few short weeks.

We’re Convenient- Our training classes are available Monday through Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Private lessons can be scheduled to fit your timetable. During your evaluation our evaluator will design your training package and work with your schedule to provide you the best opportunity to train your dog and to reach your goals.  Adjustments can be made in the schedule but we strive to meet with you on a weekly basis.

We know our stuff- Our instructors are all extremely knowledgeable in the science of behavior and learning theory. In fact, we are the only training center in the area that has a PhD on staff and require all of our instructors to be certified. Our instructors are not just certified as obedience instructors.  Our instructors have been certified in canine behavior and sciences.  Each of our instructors are certified in various specialties such as Canine Good Citizen, Service Dog Instructor, Conformation, Competition Obedience, Rally, and even Canine CPR and First Aid.

Our training classes give you great results using the easiest, most up to date methods. We have developed training programs in a variety of disciplines to allow your dog to reach his fullest potential. One of our most popular training packages is called Peak Performance.  This package offers you two different training goals.  For example, basic obedience and foundation agility, or obedience and level one protection.  Each class is designed to prepare for your end goal giving you the best results you could ask for.

We are professional – I encourage you to review our website. See what we offer, see what sets us aside from the other trainers out there and then give us a call.  You will be greeted by a person ready to listen to your needs.  If you receive our voice message your call will be returned to you within two hours.  If you email you will receive a response no later than 24 hours later and if you provide your phone number you will receive a call within 24 hours with an email follow up.

I encourage any feedback you may have and of course share the culture of your business as well. I can be reached anytime by email at


Dr. Robert Forto is the training director of Dog Works Training Centers and the host of a weekly radio program, The Dog Doctor Radio Show which can be heard every Saturday at 9:30 am in the Rocky Mountain West or download it anytime. Dr. Forto can be reached through his website at

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