Every Dog Has Its Day-Part 4

Every Dog Has Its Day- Part 4

“Every dog has its day dog, when the big dog throws him a bone. One moment in the sunshine, when your ducks line up in a row.” – Toby Keith

Toby has been very busy.  He has been training with several other dogs in group classes and has gone on several field trips with his friend Alaric.

Toby and his handler are continuing to work together weekly and our progressing through their training very well.  They are fast becoming a great team.  Tomorrow Toby and his handler will be featured in the Denver Post YourHub.com and featured as a story about persevering, strength, and courage.

You can read the story here: Coping with a Little Canine Help

As you might recall when I met Toby his handler had rescued him from the Denver Dumb Friends League and do to her illness returned him just a month later on the same day I was too meet them.  I was able to get her to go back and get Toby and upon my evaluation I discovered that temperamentally he was one of the soundest puppies I’d ever tested, so his training began immediately.  Toby has been in training now for 5 weeks and has at least 7 weeks of intensive training to do with me at Denver Dog Works before he is sent to be with his handler permanently.  When this occurs Toby and Shauna will begin their Canine Good Citizen Training and public training.

In the upcoming weeks Toby will be visiting several new places; the mall, grocery store, hardware store, park and vet office.  Toby is also in Canine Good Citizen classes and is doing quite well being that he is the youngest in the class.

As a psychiatric service dog Toby will be expected to comfort, provide a safe environment, retrieve medications, and provide his handler with unconditional love and support in times of need.  Toby is already performing his duties as a service dog and will continue to perfect his job over the next several months.

If you would like to help Shauna with the costs of training please contact us at Denver Dog Works

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Michele Forto is the Denver Dog Training Examiner, a certified canine trainer at Denver Dog Works and the co-host of the Dog Doctor Radio Show

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