Every Dog Has Its Day Part 3

Every Dog Has Its Day Part 3

“Every dog has its day dog, when the big dog throws him a bone. One moment in the sunshine, when your ducks line up in a row.” – Toby Keith

This past week, Toby mastered the “stand” command while getting his first bath.  He also remained in the stand position while getting his nails clipped.  I know this doesn’t sound like much of an accomplishment but getting your nails clipped and being bathed can be a scary experience for the first time.

Puppies between the ages of 12 and 14 weeks should be exposed to water whether bathing or learning to swim.  If you’re here in Denver and you are interested in teaching your puppy to swim check out the Canine Fun and Fitness Center which is just up the street from Denver Dog Works.

Toby and his handler worked well this week together.  Toby performed all of his commands; sit, down, stand, walking on a loose leash for 20 paces now, wait at the door, cuddles, kisses, hugs, and visit.  We worked with Toby on several different surfaces including rubber floor, pavement, carpet, grass, dirt, and woodchips.

Puppies between the ages of 12 and 14 weeks should be exposed to many different social settings with and without people and with and without other dogs and animals.  Getting them used to different surfaces and performing their commands on different surfaces ensures that your puppy is confident in any environment.

Toby participated in Canine Good Citizen class as well this past Saturday and he is doing well.  Working his way up the ranks towards performing supervised separation which is just a bit too difficult for the little guy, remember he’s only 14 weeks old and still a puppy.

Any dog can participate in Canine Good Citizen classes and I highly recommend them.  The American Kennel Club now offers a puppy program called S.T.A.R., ask your local CGC trainer if they offer Puppy S.T.A.R. classes as well.  Both classes are beneficial to you and your dog and obtaining those social goals.


Michele Forto is Denvers Dog Training Examiner, a certified canine trainer at Denver Dog Works and the co-host of the Dog Doctor Radio Show program.

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