Where do you Keep Max?

Where do you Keep Max?

When you take a vacation where do you keep Max?  In Denver many of the local doggie day cares are beginning to offer boarding. There are still the old school boarding kennels.  There is also the opportunity to take advantage of board and trains while you’re on vacation.

Still some dogs are left at home with the hopes a family friend or neighbor will stop by and not only feed and water Max but also let him outside to relieve himself.

In Denver, there is a growing trend of pet sitters, dog walkers, and even poop scoopers who offer vacation services.

Being a trainer; I can tell you the countless people who’ve tried board and trains and who use this service repeatedly because it gives Max a sort of vacation too.  While your dog is “vacationing” he is being stimulated while being taught new tricks and by refreshing the old ones.  Board and Trains aren’t just for puppies – older dogs benefit too.  Your dog will receive human contact; dog socialization, walks, and of course training.

I’m sure you’ve done some research on board and trains and yes, while most of them last for 3 weeks; you can ask for the program to be adjusted.  If you’re dog has been trained before it’s a good idea to ask your trainer if they offer what’s called a Board and Work program. This program is not as intensive in training but the benefits are far greater than just playing with other dogs for 8 hours a day at a daycare.  Board and Works usually give you the opportunity to work on a couple problematic commands, two daily walks, socialization, and a field trip or two to the local park.

Whichever you choose; do your research, contact a few local trainers in Denver and get Max into camp while you’re hitting the beach.


Michele Forto is Denvers Dog Training Examiner, a certified canine trainer at Denver Dog Works and the co-host of the Dog Doctor Radio Show

One Response to Where do you Keep Max?

  1. Vacation? We don’t take them because we don’t trust our dogs with anyone. I never minded leaving my human kids at the daycare, but I can’t leave my kiddos with anyone. I NEED THERAPY

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