Twitter Has Gone to the Dogs

Twitter Has Gone to the Dogs

By Michele Forto

It seems that almost everyone is using social media these days and some pet owners are even having their pets “speak” to the masses through blogs, dog books, websites and books. Heck, one dog owner here in Denver, CO has her dog running for Mayor!

One popular comedian’s dog has more followers that she does. See: Chunk’ Twitter Page

Pet owners on one social media website, Twitter, has created a following using the title /search term WoofWednesday. If you are on Twitter I am sure you have heard my now about FollowFriday. FollowFriday is what users use to invite others to check out their “friends” profile. they do this by placing a hashtag (the # symbol) at the end of their post.

The same goes for the WoofWednesday posts on, of course, Wednesdays. What is special about WoofWednesday? Unity and a place to find like minded pet owners that are talking about their furry friends.

An example of a tweet on WoofWednesday would look like this:

Check out Denvers Dog Training Examiner for the latest dog training news #woofwednesday

The hashtag in twitter is used for what is called a “tending topic” as well as a way to search topics on a particular topic (ie. pets or dogs using #woofwednesday)

If you are on Twitter I encourage you to join the conversation, not only on #WoofWednesday, but every day.

You can follow Denvers Dog Training Examiner on Twitter @denverdogworks

Are you a pet owner and use twitter to talk about pets? We wold love to hear from you. Please comment below or contact us by email at


Michele Forto is Denvers Dog Training Examiner, a certified canine trainer at Denver Dog Works and the co-host of The Dog Doctor Radio Show.


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