Service Dogs

Service Dogs

By Michele Forto

Every Morning my husband wakes up to a simple phrase, “Good Morning Sunshine” besotted by CNN’s Headline News anchor Robin Meade. Each morning Headline News is the place to catch all of the days events in a quick way before heading out the door. On Friday the station profiled a story about service dogs. As many of you know, I train service dogs too and I am not against showcasing other companies. I actually think it is a good idea especially when a great cause is involved.

Canine Assistance in Georgia is a special training organization. It was started by Jennifer Arnold’s father in 1991 when he realized that Jennifer could use the help of a service dog for her M.S. Sadly, Jennifer’s father was killed just three weeks after starting the organization by a drunk driver. Jennifer carried on her father’s mission and to date has placed over 1000 service dogs.

Watch a story about Canine Assistance here

What are your thoughts on service dogs in our society? Do you own a service dog? We would love to hear from you. Contact us by commenting below or send an email to

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Michele Forto is Denvers Dog Training Examiner, the co-host of the popular radio program The Dog Doctor Radio Show and the co-owner of Denver Dog Works.

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