People Fud (Food) for Pets

People Fud (Food) For Dogs

By Michele Forto

Just one question: If you went to your pediatrician the day that your baby was born and the doctor said, “I want you to feed this cereal, that is 100% nutritionally balanced, to your child for the rest of his life.” Would you do it? Many parents would say, NO WAY! But we feed that type of food to our pets every day of their lives.

A Denver, CO based dog food company, People Fud (pronounced food, of course) is brand new on the scene and they are trying to change how people feed their pets.

The Dog Doctor Radio Show interviewed the founder and owner, Davyd Smith today on the radio show: Here it here.

Smith talks about how his food is 100% whole foods and includes items such as bison, potatoes and natural grains without any chemicals or preservatives. He started this company because two of his dogs died un-expectantly of cancer and he went on a mission to find out why. What he found was that a dog’s diet is full of chemicals and preservatives and down right not good for them, according to Smith.

I will admit People Fud is an interesting concept. While I have fed my dogs a raw diet off and on for years, and my Siberian Sled Dogs the equivalent of rocket fuel, sometimes feeding them 10,000 calories a day, I have never thought about a food like People Fud’s like Stu’s Stew which is made from real beef from grass fed, hormone free, antibiotic free, Colorado cattle. The first two ingredients are beef and beef hearts comprising of more than 35% of the entire weight. The stew also includes carrots, peas, potatoes and “some” organic supplements.

We asked Davyd some tough questions about pricing and market share and what type of dog owners are feeding his unique product and I will admit he had a well researched answer for all of them. I encourage you to listen to the show and try out People Fud for your dogs. We would love to get some feedback. You can contact us by commenting below or sending and email to

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Michele Forto is Denvers Dog Training Examiner and the co-owner of Denver Dog Works.


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