Rattlesnake Bites to Dogs on the Rise in Colorado

Rattlesnake Bites to Dogs on the Rise in Colorado

By Michele Forto

We love the outdoors, we love the mountains, we love to hike and we love our dogs in Colorado. With one of the highest per-capita dog ownership in the nation and some of the fittest people in the U.S. (can we say exercise!), Coloradans do a lot of activities outdoors with our canine friends. With that comes the risks. One of those is rattlesnake bites in Colorado’s high country as well as the scenic trails that surround our neighborhoods.

Recently Denver’s Fox 31 ran a story about Rattlesnake Bites on the Rise in Colorado. While there is a rattlesnake vaccine for use with dogs many veterinarians say that more research needs to be done. As you know that will take years and that is too long for those dog owners that enjoy the great Colorado outdoors.

At Denver Dog Works we are often called upon as the local dog sports and working dog “experts” and we have found that quite a few hunters are using the rattlesnake vaccine on their hunting dogs with great success. Fortunately no reports of snake bites have been reported to us but we do recommend it to all of our clients that frequent the outdoors with their dogs.

If you would like more information on rattlesnake vaccines for your dog please contact your veterinarian or send an email to live@dogdoctorradio.com What do you think of the rattlesnake vaccine for dogs? Please comment below or send an email.

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Michele Forto is Denvers Dog Training Examiner and the co-owner of Denver Dog Works.

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