Cant We All Just Get Along?

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

By Michele Forto

On last night’s evening newscast on Denver’s Fox31 they ran a story about the Cherry Creek Dog Park. They were holding a meeting at Cherry Creek High School and from the looks of it on TV it was a packed house!

The issue is whether the State Park system, who is in charge of the dog park at Cherry Creek, should build a fence and enclose the dogs in about 85 acres of the now 300 acre park. The argument to do so is for one reason: Horses. There is a horse paddock on the park grounds that used to allow horseback rides to visitors but haven’t been able to do so for at least a year now. The owner of the horses says it is just too dangerous. Of course the dogs just want to play but the horses don’t and they get spooked. Spooked horses equals chaos and danger for anyone around.

Now the horses just sit in their paddock waiting to be ridden, but unless the park’s boundaries are changed someone will have to give in.

Some Colorado legislatures are even getting involved to EXPAND the dog park. The legislature is not in session. They just ended about a week ago. Don’t they have more important things to do?

What are your thoughts on the proposed changes to the dog park? What are your thoughts on dog parks in general. Contact me below or send me an email to


Michele Forto is Denvers Dog Training Examiner and the business manager of Denver Dog Works.


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