Dog Events in Denver, Colorado

Dog Events in Denver, Colorado

By Michele Forto

Denver is known as the dog capital of the United States. It is said that there are more active lifestyle dog owners in Denver than any other metropolitan area in North America.  Now that is saying something. In Denver we love our dogs!

Each Monday (well, this is Tuesday, because yesterday was a holiday) I will update my readers on the events taking place for dog owners in Denver and other areas around our great state.

This week is two events:

Linnea Dick Pet Walk and Adopt-a-thon

Fire Hydrant 5 benefiting the Larimer Human Society.

We at Denver Dog Works participated in the Fire Hydrant a couple years ago when it was held in May. Our own Dr. Robert Forto attended by himself because it was a Saturday and we had too many classes to cancel. It was freezing and even snowing  in Ft. Collins and his 10X10 tent was destroyed by the wind. That was the last time we will ever attend an event alone! The Larimer Humane Society did put on a great event and their hospitality was very gracious and every year we receive an invitation to have a booth. It is just so hard to do on a Saturday!

If you would like more information on any of these events please click on the links above or send us an email at


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