Canine Dementia on The Dog Doctor Radio Show

Canine Dementia on The Dog Doctor Radio Show

By Robert Forto, PhD

A couple weeks ago I was asked to review an upcoming news story about canine dementia at CBS4 in Denver. The goal was to watch the story, write a blog about it and hope to interest viewers and start conversation. We did just that. The first ever social media/news collaboration at the Denver CBS affiliate was a success!

Read the CBS-4 Story here:

But this story was close to my heart and I wanted to do more. As many of our regular readers know, our 12 year old Siberian Husky, Ineka is suffering from canine dementia and we wanted to have our veterinarian, Dr. Holly Cogswell, of Aurora Animal Hospital on the Dog Doctor Radio Show to talk about the disease from vet’s perspective.

Dr. Cogswell is interviewed today on the Dog Doctor Radio Show and you can here it here:

Canine Dementia with Dr. Holly Cogswell

Dr. Cogswell provided valuable insight into the frightening disease of canine dementia. We talk about what the signs and symptoms are, such as confusion, anxiety, housebreaking problems, compulsive behaviors and even your pet seemingly getting “lost” in the house and “stuck” in corners.

We also spoke about the importance of diet throughout your dog’s life, the importance of exercise and the consistency of a routine even after your senior dog is exhibiting symptoms. We talked about drug therapy and what medications can not be given together.

We would love to hear what your thoughts about canine dementia and if you have a story to tell about your senior pet as well. Please contact us at

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Dr. Robert Forto is the training director of Denver Dog Works and the host of the Dog Doctor Radio Show. Dr. Forto can be reached through his website at


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