K-9 Kraving’s Canine Cookies

Canine Cookies

Price: $6.00 (plus shipping and sales tax)

K-9 Kraving’s Cookies are like Flintstone Vitamins for dogs; a nutritionally enhanced combination of muscle meat and organ meat, vegetable fiber, egg powder, PLUS essential vitamins and minerals; they smell terrific, digest beautifully and dogs of all sizes love’em.

Excellent for a snack, tracking and/or use with obedience training.

Core Flavors (all Gluten & Grain Free):

  1. Beef  – Real USDA Meat
  2. Duck – Steroid & Antibiotic Free, USDA
  3. Green Tripe – from USDA Inspected sources
  4. Trachea – UDSDA
  5. Sweet Potato – Meat-free, Human grade. Low-fat
  6. Salmon – Carbohydrate Free, Human grade

Liver Cookies (all Gluten & Grain Free):

  1. Bison Liver – Free-Range, USDA
  2. Duck Liver – Steroid & Antibiotic Free, USDA

Available through Denver Dog Works

Guaranteed Analysis: (see individually marked packages)


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