Beezer and Boomer

Beezer and Boomer

By Michele Forto

Today we had the distinct pleasure of interviewing local, Denver, author Doug Koktavy about his new book: The Legacy of Beezeand Boomer: Lessons on Living and Dying from My Canine Friends (2010 B Brothers Press).

You can listen to the show here:

We will include a few questions from the interview:

Q. Who are Beezer and Boomer?

A. My black Labrador Retriever, Siblings, the “B” Brothers were born March 26, 1996.

Beezer passed May 1, 2005 at age 9

Boomer passed April 23, 2007 at age 11

Q. Why do we need another pet book? Haven’t they all been done? How is this one different?

A.Many Fun with Fido books exist. A few deal with grieving the death of a pet. My book fills the void between a tough diagnosis at the vet’s office and that hardest goodbye. No other book deals with this difficult emotional period in a pet owner’s life when he questions what he should have done differently–or wonders how he will ever find a happy life without his pet.

Q. What is the book about?

A. The book is about how I dealt with the fear and guilt during my dogs’ illnesses. Beezer was diagnosed with kidney disease, which initially threw me for a loop when I couldn’t control it or change the outcome. But over the moths as Beezer was dying, I was slowly learning how to cope. After Boomer was diagnosed with bone cancer, I found I could apply Beezer’s lessons on dealing with this grief and at the end find peace. It’s a sad topic but not a sad book. It is actually very uplifting.

Q. What made you decide to write the book?

A. I went looking for help when my dog, my best friend, was diagnosed with a terminal disease. The help was not for my dog, it was for me. I was angry, frustrated, fearful, unable to cope with my emotions as Beezer got sicker. It was startling for someone who prided himself on control and problem solving. Since then I have learned that many people feel this way.

In the interview we continued to talk to Doug about his inspiration to not only write the book but also to teach others how to deal with this most difficult time in a pet owner’s life. We spoke about what he calls the 3 P’s: Permission, Purpose, and Power.

We also talked about a way that we should all look at life, in that: (1). Fear lives in the future, (2). Guilt lives in the past, (3). My safety zone is today, and (4). Nothing bad ever happens in the moment.

It was great stuff. We have interviewed a lot of authors on the Dog Doctor Radio Show and I can personally say that this one touched my heart. As many of you know, we have a 12 year old Siberian Husky, named, Ineka. We recently found out that he has canine dementia and he is coming close to the Rainbow Bridge. This book allows you to find your own personal strengths and to learn how to face your fears.

Doug said it best in a quote that I will remember for the rest of my life: “pets lead such short lives for a specific reason. It’s to teach us to love unconditionally and let go.”

I encourage all of you to listen to the show and if you get a chance to buy the book as well. You can purchase it right from the show page. This book will change your life.

We welcome your comments, and/or if you have a question for the author please post them and we will forward them to him. Contact us at

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Michele Forto the Denver Dog Training Examiner and is a certified canine trainer and the business manager for Denver Dog Works. Michele can be reached through her website at


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